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Gonorrhoea Testing Online

What you Need to Know About Gonorrhoea   Gonorrhoea is the name of a sexually transmitted infection, once known simply as “the clap”, that is the result of bacteria referred to as Neisseria gonorrhoeae, aka gonococcus. The bacteria are primarily located in fluid from the vagina and in penis discharge.   Gonorrhoea can be easily […]

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New Chip Could Replace Contraceptive Pill

There is an ongoing effort to improve the range of contraceptive options available for women, but is there a need? The pill, which is taken daily, is thought to be one of the most reliable options, but with it goes the daily responsibility to make sure you take it. With something more permanent, like the […]

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Alternative to Statins Considered

Forget daily statins, Alirocumab is the new treatment to beat cholesterol, according to a recent, global study. And, according to the study’s author, the drug impacted greatly on the level of LDL cholesterol (the bad sort of cholesterol) among the study’s participants. So much so, that levels dropped dramatically within one year, as low as […]

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