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Vivus Likely to Present Qsiva to the EMA Again

In a recent conference call with their shareholders, Vivus Inc announced that they still had high hopes for Qsiva to become a successful weight loss product marketed in Europe. The text of the update can be read by clicking on this link. Although this announcement was expected by most experts who have followed the history […]

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Higher risk of heart disease during Winter

Researchers have reported to have completed a cross-sectional research with 107090 participants to establish whether there was a particular seasonal pattern in the risk of heart disease. The study, conducted by researchers at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Lausanne (IUMSP), confirmed that the pattern exists and that there is […]

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Information on Dymista

If you suffer from allergic rhinitis and you are living in the UK then we got some great news called: Dymista. The license for this brand new medication was approved in the UK just at the end of April 2013 (though Europe had approved it a few months earlier via the decentralised registration procedure). The […]

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Psoriasis Guidelines Issued

We recently wrote about the fact that patients who have psoriasis tend to give low satisfaction ratings to their treatment, mostly due to the difficulty in treating sub-threshold symptoms. As such, we were not surprised to hear that new NICE guidelines reflected an aim to improve the standard of care of people with psoriasis. The […]

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Scientists to re-create synthetic yeast

Biologists and scientists from all over the world are gathering together to create, for the first time, synthetic yeast. Just like builders, they will construct the genome “brick by brick”. They will start by creating the DNA and then assembling the DNA together to form the essence of the cell, which will then be inserted […]

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New research might aid prediction of neurodegenerative diseases

Research conducted by Stephen Morairty, Ph.D., and Simon Fisher, Ph.D. might help understand exactly what is going on before the onset of the symptoms of a neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. The researchers have found certain biomarkers, through conducting an electroencephalography in a mouse with Huntinghton’s, that might map how the disease […]

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New research on fingernails and its effects on limb research

Just yesterday the journal Nature has published a research by Takeo, M. et al on how fingernails regenerate. You might ask yourself: why would I ever want to know about fingernails? The answer: because this research shows that nail growth could be a step towards limb growth. Some mammals, we know, can grow limbs. An […]

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