Higher risk of heart disease during Winter

Researchers have reported to have completed a cross-sectional research with 107090 participants to establish whether there was a particular seasonal pattern in the risk of heart disease. The study, conducted by researchers at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Lausanne (IUMSP), confirmed that the pattern exists and that there is a higher risk in winter to develop heart disease and a lower risk in the summer, compared to the average of the year.

The risk of heart disease was accompanied by an increase of risk factors such as higher waist circumference, higher blood pressure and higher total cholesterol. Further research is needed to understand the underlined causes that would increase the risk factors. However, Dr. Pedro Marques-Vidal explained that it may be due to a change in eating behaviours. We also speculate that lifestyle changes in exercising habits could be increasing the risk factors and the heart disease risk in itself.

More research needs to be done on this pattern: however, it is a study that confirms the need to keep active throughout the year. If you are at risk of heart disease, this study could help you realise the risks connected to winter, monitor any changes in lifestyle due to the weather and help you stay on track of your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and any other risk factors.

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